Sunday, March 15, 2009


There's something about Bohol I most love: the locale. The candid appearance and the degree of simplicity that the place and its people have impressed on me has for many years been the deciding factor why I prefer to be a Boholano and chose Bohol to be my permament home in spite of the fact that I was only raised here and lived more than half of my life outside its premises having been born somewhere else, went to school up north and finally found my niche in a place far away, almost half the distance of the globe's circumference.

The experiences and memories Bohol etched in my innermost psyche and persona no doubt have played and made all the difference in how I see, view and deal with the people and the world around me even as far-reaching as the "other" and "new' culture I came to be a part of. Yet, I so notice that Bohol and my being a Boholano have always remained intact within me and have not left a trace of unbroken affection and adoration for this once-insignificant-homeland (as many alleged) which seemed to be the very antithesis of what I view many true-blooded Boholanos - those birthed in Bohol that I came to know of - have to struggle with even as they have left only their own poor little town or humdrum province en route for a more exciting, and I guess greener, opportunities and lifestyle of the big suburbia, sometimes not even a hundred miles away.

What is my point here? What is it I'm trying to say? Hmmm...

(To be continued)

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  1. Nindot man diay ang mga tugtog dinhi gikan sa Bohol singers.