Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Bohol Paradise" by Brydon Borja Lungay

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(August 23, 2009) - But Bohol today is altogether a different story and Bol-anons a different bred. Don't take it from me. Just you be keen and observant. And objective, too.

Anywhere you go on the airwaves today, be it the information highway, Filipino channels or some local stations, the endless praise and word-of-mouth account people and visitors alike on Bohol have gone way beyond imagining like thirty or so years ago. Bohol is nowhere near the Nazareth of Biblical long-ago or the domicile locals used to shylly acknowledged , but has become more of a household name, a celebrity locale, a destination one shoots for in a lifetime, and, for a deeply-rooted Bol-anon, a place and home that he or she takes pride in, not with what used-to-be-a-chip-on-one's-shoulder but rather a sweet-sounding-music-to-my-ear self-proclaimed conceit: "I'm a Boholano, a Boholana, from the Republic of Bohol."


To be continued... napod


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  2. I left Bohol in 1969 and migrated in Digos, but I still consider Corella as my hometown. I love Bohol and much more to its beautiful- white beaches,chocolate hills, tarsiers and many more.