Sunday, March 15, 2009


A lyrical expression and titling on a subject like Tagbilaran is something I never thought would ever come in my lifetime nor at a distant future. Having written songs the past thirty years doesn't make the task any easier nor gives me the privilege and know-how to do it. The word Tagbilaran is as sophisticated as any I find out there and thought is better served if it remains a state of mind (much like my 3rd or 4th fav'rite city, New York (see Billy Joel). Hmmm, what a thought. But it was exactly on one surreal moment - and mode at that - that this poetry came to be as one's imagination sometimes would like us to think or look at. It was there, in the deep recesses of my visual exploration that I had the guts to even put this into writing and call, MY TAGBILARAN CITY.

Words by J. Roel Lungay

Music by Romeo C. Mascariñas

Performed by Romeo C. Mascariñas

It feels like a dream
A quiet I couldn't quite figure out just yet
A moment of silence that is
On a journey I know not the direction.

Peoples and machines moving thoughtlessly
in all direction -
No visible footsteps nor clear faces -
Nothing seems to make sense
Much like waking up at dawn for no reason at all.

The serenity just drowns on top of silence -
Silence incensed with movements -
I wonder if the gods have something to do
with all these
Quite precious it seems
I'm almost like sleepwalking.

This I conclude, I must be awake!
I must be home!
I must be where I need to be!
And want to be!
Where I dreamt to be...
And love to be...

Not sleeping but awake!

My Tagbilaran City!

Copyright © 2009 Roro Music. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved

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